Here’s a sample slideshow presentation that you can use to create your own presentation about the Candy Culprit, your “client” animal, and the results of your investigation. If you have PowerPoint, download the PowerPoint template (below left) and fill in your own pictures and content. (The template is the same as the presentation below, but you can modify it to make it your own.) If you don’t have PowerPoint, there are several options for creating your own slideshow presentation following our example. You can download the pages (below right) as samples to follow to create your own slideshow.

If you have access to PowerPoint and you’d like to use this PowerPoint template to create your own presentation, click on “Download File” below and save the template to your computer.

​If you do not have access to PowerPoint, but you’d like to create a presentation in another app, like Google Slides, you can use the sample pages below to build your presentation.

​Or, if you like, you can create a Prezi presentation in the free Prezi app at You can use the slideshows above as samples.

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