Based on the popular American television quiz showTest your primate knowledge.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Some facts about a wide variety of nonhuman primates and their habitats.
  • The order Primates includes apes, monkeys, and prosimians.
  • Nonhuman primates are extremely diverse.
  • Nonhuman primate genera and species have unique physical attributes and lifestyle adaptations for success in their habitats.
  • Nonhuman primates live in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
  • Almost three-quarters of primate species are in jeopardy of extinction.
  • Why primates are in jeopardy.
  • Our daily choices impact the future of natural habitats and those who live in them.
  • We can make positive differences for our fellow primates and their habitats through small changes to our daily habits.


  • Click on the game’s title page to reveal the game board panel with its categories and values.
  • Just like the real “Jeopardy” game, each value reveals a clue phrased as an answer, to which players must respond in the form of a question that correctly identifies whatever the clue is describing. Remember: the response must be presented as a question.
  • There is a quirk in this template: the values do not disappear or change color after the answer has been revealed. We strongly recommend that someone be designated as the gatekeeper to track which categories have been revealed to prevent duplication.
  • We created a downloadable Gameboard Answer Sheet Template to help keep score. 
  • Once a value has been selected and responded to, check it against the “Question Key” (in the button below) to determine if it is correct.
  • There is a Jeopardy Scorekeeper website that you can use if you like: We did not create the scorekeeper and bear no responsibility for its accuracy.
  • Here’s an optional way to play: Rather than a few individuals playing the game, the entire class plays. Each student receives a “Jeopardy Answer Sheet.” Instructions are outlined on this website: Use our Answer Sheet to keep score.
  • After each answer is revealed, click ‘Back To Panel’ at the bottom of the page to return to the game board and the next category.
  • There’s a layout glitch if you’re viewing on your tablet or smartphone: please turn the device horizontally (landscape) for best gameboard viewing. We’re working on vertical alignment. Even once fixed, it will be more beneficial for clarity to view it horizontally.
  • To learn more about the primate species featured in the game, click on the button below entitled “Primates in Jeopardy.”
  • Most of all, have fun!



Primate Jeopardy game board categories developed by Marissa Lamperis. Special thanks to SlidesCarnival for the free “Jeoparty” template.

Primates in Jeopardy developed by Debra Curtin.

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