Nature is all the naturally occurring things on this planet. Nature is the animals, plants, events, processes, and products of the earth that are not made by people. It is the physical world and everything that lives in it.

“Nature” is more than just a word for plants, animals, and habitats. She is a complex living organism that produces and nurtures life. That’s why we call her “Mother Nature.” We may view ourselves as separate from Nature, especially when we use words like “man-made” to describe something that is NOT natural. But this notion is far from the truth.

Learn about what shapes ecosystems, energy, soil, and the food chain. 

Includes videos, instructional graphics, and fun educational activities.

Learn about pollination, pollinators, plants, essential resources, coevolution and more.

Includes videos, activities, natural pest prevention tips, instructions for how to build a bug hotel, step-by-step how to build a pollinator garden instructions and accompanying workbook. 

Lesson developed by Stephanie Young, 2021

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