Primate conservation doesn’t just protect nonhuman primates and their habitats. Every species with whom they share their habitats also benefits. This is because of the delicate, beautiful, complex interdependence of all species within any habitat. Saving one species saves many! 

In this series, you’ll meet primate species that you’ve probably never before heard of. And you’ll be amazed by the sheer number of primate species, their spectacular diversity, and how they are adapted specifically for their environments. They are all important!

We hope to illustrate what is lost when our fellow primates lose their homes and their food sources. But it’s not all gloom and doom. There’s lots of good news too. We hope to empower you to have a hand in saving them all by what you do in your everyday life. And it’s so easy!

We’ll walk you through the important facts. And we’ll provide options—and maybe some inspiration—for how you can learn more and how you can be an agent of change. We hope you enjoy the series.

More episodes are coming. Thanks for watching!



In this first episode, we discuss why primate conservation is important and its impact on biodiversity, as well as the significance of biodiversity to the health of our planet. This is a frank look at what lies ahead if we don’t all stand up to protect our fellow primates and their habitats. Saving one species saves many! You’ll discover how you can use the New England Primate Conservancy website to learn more about primate conservation and what you can do in your daily life to protect ecosystems and the environment. Everybody can be a conservationist!



In this 2nd episode of our “Everybody Can Be a Conservationist!” series, we broadly discuss what and who primates are. Nonhuman primates are incredibly diverse in size, shape, type, and the ways that they are “outfitted” for success in their ecosystems. We witness this in the forms of the physical adaptations that Mother Nature bestowed upon them. You will see why these species need to be protected and their habitats preserved. Nonhuman primates are an indicator species of the health of their ecosystems. If they are at risk, so too is every species with whom they share their habitats. What will you discover?

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