​Life in the World's
Tropical Rainforests



Many animal species live in one layer of the rainforest, but feed or sleep in others.

 1. Watch the Life in the World’s Tropical Rainforests presentation.

2. Download and print the Levels of the Rainforest Matching Game board and tiles:

In the Life in the World’s Tropical Rainforests presentation, we provided examples of animals that live at multiple layers of the rainforest for a variety of reasons. Our examples include the poison dart frog, the cock-of-the-rock bird, the capuchin monkey, and the harpy eagle.

The tufted capuchin lives primarily in the rainforest canopy but descends to the forest floor to gather nuts and seeds, especially in the dry season.

Calling on what you learned in the presentation, use the Levels of a Rainforest game board and tiles to…

Research and Explore:

  • Name 5 species that live in one layer of the rainforest, but do other things like sleep, feed, or lay eggs in other layers
  • Describe the purposes for which they use those layers and why?
  • What properties of the rainforest invite those species to make use of multiple layers?

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