A more challenging memory and matching game

Educational Objectives:

  • Players correctly match primate species to their natural native habitats
  • Players become familiar with a variety of primate species
  • Players become familiar with a variety of primate habitats and learn that the world has a variety of ecosystems
  • Players learn which primate species live in which habitats
  • Players learn, from the cards, the country of each species and its habitat (world geography)

Turn over pairs of matching cards by matching the habitat icons (suits) depicted in the corners of the cards.
The game can be played with one, two, or more players.


36 game cards include 27 primate cards and 9 habitat cards.
Note: There are three times as many rainforest cards in the deck because most nonhuman primates live in the world’s tropical rainforests.
1. Download the printable game cards. ​

2. Print the cards. For best results, print on card stock. Laminate if you wish.

3. Cut to create a 36-card deck.


1. Shuffle the deck.

2. Lay all cards face down in 4 rows of 9 cards per row, or 6 rows of 6 cards per row.

3. In turn, each player chooses 2 cards and turns them face up. If they are from the same habitat, that player wins a pair and plays again. Matching cards are removed from the game and held by the player until the end of the game.

4. If they are not from the same habitat, the cards are turned face down again and the player to the left takes their turn.

5. The game ends when the last pair has been picked up.

6. The winner is the person with the most pairs. There may be a tie for first place. 

7. For added interest, print and add more game cards to the game. 

8. Learn more about the Primates and Habitats in the cards here: Who’s In the Cards?

Lay out the cards face down


An example of the same habitat “suit”

Game in progress

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